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Happy songs fill the room,

Everything around you bask in the happy tune.

I can only watch from afar,

for my ears became deaf from my own despair.

The tree shadows me from the sun you’re in,

To feel warmth is enough to burn my skin.

Alas, you joined me in the shadow,

your heart sang in the tone I cannot comprehend.

I only see a smile until your lips start to move,

… it gave me the urge to sing along.

I tried, I really did.

But dark clouds rolled in,

your face started to look dim.

What happened, what’s wrong?

I am doing my best to sync with your heartbeat.

The voice my heart gave doesn’t seem to please you,

I guess I failed to notice my tune.

The more I try, the more you hate being in the dark.

I guess we were never meant to sync,

Rather, we were both meant to sink.


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For You

My feelings are quite repetitive,
but for you, I took the initiative.
This is something that I consider as new,
Because the love that I’ve known has never been in you.
Your thoughts are difficult to decipher,
with this, my views became wider.
The actions you show cannot be calculated,
In surprise and joy, my heart palpitated.
Your smile became my sun, warm as noon.
Your eyes are the stars while your heart is the moon.
So when your words become as dark as your room,
I cannot bear to see you stay in that gloom.
I am willing to stay up all night,
if only my love could be your light.
For your soul is an ocean that is too deep,
hiding all things that are worth to keep.
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Due to fear, I ran back inside,

I never wanted that line to be crossed.

I looked at your eyes that are so kind,

With this heavy heart on my hand, I admit that I Lost.


In the midst of my frustration,

countless times I denied.

This feeling is as false as his affection,

But indeed, love is blind.


Truth be told,

I thought that you will flee.

Regardless, I confessed so bold,

Praying that you will not leave me be.


So I waited countless storms to pass,

I fell asleep by the windowpane.

Wondering if it will even last,

Thinking if there is something to gain.


As the sky clear up, I desperately ran,

All these years, I have been distraught.

Loving you was never planned,

But it doesn’t matter because I have been caught.

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You Whom I Love

You are too scared of what is going to happen,

I am, too.

We are both over thinkers,

but, what can we do?

The future is indeed blurry,

don’t know which path to choose.

From the love that we’ve both been through,

there’s nothing left to lose.

Although you keep things to yourself,

acting all spoiled and stubborn,

you have so many fears and doubts,

there’s still a lot for me to discover.

But, remember that in every step of the way,

you don’t have to worry.

It is okay to panic,

You don’t have to be sorry.

Don’t be afraid,

It is normal to flunk.

I’ll remain beside you,

especially when you, at times, get drunk.

This feeling is honestly real,

it is now eternally lit.

My heart will continue to convey,

this love.. my love.. you can depend on it.






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You.. are the most dangerous person I have met so far.

For someone like me who builds barriers and traps,

expecting others to barge in and fail, you lured me out–


How sly, how frustrating.

I can’t believe I allowed myself

to unknowingly walk pass everything I’ve done perfectly.

Worst part, you did nothing.

You lured me out by just standing there mysteriously.

Like that yellow moon turning white or silver in the midnight sky,

bestowing its glittering light on the waters that kisses the land by its gentle waves.

My heart races, my feelings swoon, my head is oh-so filled with thoughts of you.

I have not expected this love, I did not feel this escalation.

There’s no turning back, now.

I cannot stop myself from walking,

I cannot see what lies ahead,

But this love doesn’t seem to end.