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The Last Week of October

Same love,

indeed that could be.

Been there, done that,

Whatever happens is up to me.


Pick up a few wet pillows,

Throw away the liters of tear.

Add a few wisdom and courage,

gulp down the small ounces of fear.


Away it goes,

the heart went wild.

To the feelings of the man I know,

where love had once been denied.


If fate hasn’t been cruel,

I wouldn’t be like this.

If the red string didn’t untangle,

This love wouldn’t be in bliss.


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Thank You (Grandparents’ Day)

I remember how you used to call my name
to shower me with love.
It is like the soft voice of thunder
trying to calm down the storm.
You kiss my wound and hush the
terrifying voices of pain.
Hugging me tight,
making your arms feel like home.
Your arms are my home…
lending me a chest filled with heartbeats
that echoes affection and assurance of love.
It is more than a welcoming embrace.
You hum lullabies like a gentle wind
pushing through a hammock between
two pillars of strength.
Spoiled I may seem,
you taught me how to carry myself.
All kindness, courage, and light
came from your love.
Giving bits of your soul
in forms of memories to remember by.
I may not be the person you expected me to be,
But i am trying to be a person that I could be.
All paths I take will be for you,
I can walk on my own now, so…
The loving eyes that used to look at me,
let them be closed,
The warm hands that used to tie my hair
and hold my cheeks,
let them remain over your chest where your heart lies,
let your palms feel your own heartbeat,
You, the person who taught me how to
show a heart full of kindness,
the person who gave me courage to give love and share love,
Do not worry, I am fine and I will be fine.
I love you so much, you mean everything to me…
you meant everything to me.
I will always carry these memories.
Let this be my acceptance and goodbye.



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Your eyes tell me everything I need to know,
with just a stare, your love clearly shows.
Your smile makes my heart beat a thousand times,
your words are not those sugar coated lies.

Your voice makes me feel safe from harm,
your comfort makes me feel very warm.
Your promises are not just pretense,
believe me, I’m also thankful for your existence.

This love, I don’t know how to express,
but eitherway, I am doing my best.
Always remember that my love is true,
Up to the end of this poem, I wanna say “I love you.”

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Happy songs fill the room,

Everything around you bask in the happy tune.

I can only watch from afar,

for my ears became deaf from my own despair.

The tree shadows me from the sun you’re in,

To feel warmth is enough to burn my skin.

Alas, you joined me in the shadow,

your heart sang in the tone I cannot comprehend.

I only see a smile until your lips start to move,

… it gave me the urge to sing along.

I tried, I really did.

But dark clouds rolled in,

your face started to look dim.

What happened, what’s wrong?

I am doing my best to sync with your heartbeat.

The voice my heart gave doesn’t seem to please you,

I guess I failed to notice my tune.

The more I try, the more you hate being in the dark.

I guess we were never meant to sync,

Rather, we were both meant to sink.


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For You

My feelings are quite repetitive,
but for you, I took the initiative.
This is something that I consider as new,
Because the love that I’ve known has never been in you.
Your thoughts are difficult to decipher,
with this, my views became wider.
The actions you show cannot be calculated,
In surprise and joy, my heart palpitated.
Your smile became my sun, warm as noon.
Your eyes are the stars while your heart is the moon.
So when your words become as dark as your room,
I cannot bear to see you stay in that gloom.
I am willing to stay up all night,
if only my love could be your light.
For your soul is an ocean that is too deep,
hiding all things that are worth to keep.